Cbord Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition Service Suite Key Benefits

  • Electronic card file with clinical notes
  • Large range of supporting reports
  • Filters for allergies/restrictions
  • Tray tickets with automate correction
  • Automate production tally reports
  • Supplement and nourishment labels and reports
  • Room Service, TV Menu Entry, Bedside Entry or paper menus
  • Intake analysis for calorie counts
  • ADT and Diet Orders interfaces
  • Nutritional screening & assessment tools

Increase Patient & Employee Satisfaction

  • More Control over Food Choices
  • Room Service
  • Bedside Menu Entry
  • Impact Employee Morale

Maximize Personnel Utilization

  • Redirect hours of clerical time
  • Dietary
  • Accounting
  • Nursing

Reduce Costs & Generate New Revenue

  • Reduce food waste (automated tally)
  • Partial trays & “refused” trays
  • Eliminate “lost” trays
  • Increase retail & vending sales 15%
  • Improve retail & catering margins

Reduce Risks

  • Allergies
  • Food/drug interactions
  •  Diet orders
  •  NPO & Clear Liquids
  •  Tube Feedings

Cbord Foodservice

Production & Inventory

Nutrition Service Suite (NSS)

  • Create recipes & menus
  • Scale and cost and nutritionally analyze recipes
  • Create, copy and nutritionally analyze menus
  • Forecast menus
  • Schedule production
  • Physical & perpetual Inventory
  • Issuing, receiving & cost allocation
  • Electronic ordering with vendor (EDI)
  • Electronic price updates
  • Support of tray line and/or pantry-based production

Conclusion Implementation Pyramids

  • Diet Office Management Solution
  • Electronic card file
  • Tray tickets (patients and guests)

–Automatic correction for diet orders, allergies and preferences

– Automatic tally (tells kitchen how much to produce)

  • Nourishment labels and reports
  • Patient Menu Planning
  • Select and non-select menu options
  • Optional add-on modules including
  1. – Intake (calorie counts)
  2. – Bedside Menu Entry
  3. – Room Service (restaurant style)
  4. – Enteral Support (tube feedings)

Cbord Room Service

Shaping Customer Perceptions

  • Food Service plays a major role in shaping patients perceptions
  • Patients want to eat when they are hungry
  • All patients appreciate choices (especially children and their parents)
  • CBORD Hotel-Style Room Service has a proven track record when it comes to increasing satisfaction scores

It Starts With the Patient

  • Convenient hours 7am-7pm
  • Clean menu
  • Appropriate choices

Next the Call Center

  • Trained, courteous staff
  • Integration with Diet Office

Tray Monitor

  • Monitors the location of each tray
  • Alerts management to service problems
  • Provides data to improve the workflow

Clinical Benefits

  • Proven increase in patient satisfaction
  • Focus on nutrition care process
  • More flexibility for non-traditional eaters
  • Improved monitoring
  • Patient education (real world practice)
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