About E3

E3 delivers, adapts and implements superior healthcare systems, allowing you to focus on your mission: providing the highest levels of healthcare to your patients.

Headquartered in Dubai, E3 is dedicated to helping Middle Eastern healthcare organizations improve the quality of healthcare through the use of highly effective technologies. At E3 we don’t just understand technology, we understand healthcare, and our team has worked with many of the leading healthcare organizations in the region and in the USA.

Through our partnerships with world class technology companies, E3 offers world-class software products and services that simplify healthcare operations. With offices throughout the region, and local staff that are experienced in international best practices, we can help you select, customize, install and maintain highly effective computer systems to support your healthcare operations.

E3’s mission is to deliver, adapt and implement superior healthcare systems, allowing hospitals to focus on their mission: providing the highest levels of healthcare to their patients.

Our Core Values

Family Culture

We share in a positive workplace culture, with unique contributions from each member, combined to ensure our overall success.

Dynamic Environment

Working in a dynamic & challenging environment, where we do whatever it takes to make the near-impossible a functional reality.

Valued Relationships

Our commitment is more than just business, we strive to build professional relationships with all our clients that are mutually-beneficial.


Being accountable to ourselves, each other, our customers, our investors, and our partners.


Constantly striving to know our business and our industry more deeply


Being passionate about winning and about our brands, products and people

Honesty & Integrity

Acting with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do


Delivering superior outcomes using cost effective approaches

Careers At E3

At E3, we recognize that the company is only as good as its people. We are proud of the caliber and talent of the E3 team, and we are always looking for new talent to join the E3 family.

Above all we look for qualified, passionate people who believe in our vision and who are team players that understand the importance of personal accountability.

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