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CloudSuite™ Workforce Management

Automating workforce management tasks and processes, and optimizing your workforce is a vital component in increasing efficiency and productivity, and reducing labor costs. The optimization of an organization’s workforce and its effects on business operations in turn result in better business outcomes.

What Is Infor Workforce Management?

Infor WorkForce Management (WFM) is a comprehensive management solution that allow businesses to make informed HR decisions, with real-time data. WFM helps optimize labor efficiency and compliance with local, regional and organizational labor regulations. Some key areas of operation include labor optimization and planning, labor performance, employee resource demand, and business analytics.

Infor WFM helps businesses address every aspect of labor performance and compliance with a range of software tools like time and attendance, workforce scheduling, absence management, and demand-driven scheduling. It also reduces the risk of potential compliance issues – resulting in reduced costs, while allowing employees to focus on tasks and activities that generate more value.

Benefits Of CloudSuite™ WFM:

Infor CloudSuite™ WorkForce Management boasts several benefits and advantages over other workforce management solutions with cutting-edge cloud-based technology and assortment of tools. Some notable benefits include:


Planning &


Eliminate costs, time and errors from planning and budgeting with easy top-down and bottom-up collaborations. Integrate forecasting with weekly WFM execution and leverage historical data for budget creation and management.




The CloudSuite WFM platform allows managers to easily leverage workforce data through a cloud-based interface and streamline the scheduling process of their employees with self-service tools.


Time &


Automate 100% of your time and attendance processes to reduce payroll costs, comply with government and union regulations, and empower employees with self-service capabilities. Validate time and labour data collection in real-time and control related processes to reduce overpayments.

CloudSuite™ Workforce Management

Workforce management software for labour optimisation, planning, time and attendance.

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CloudSuite™ WFM Highlights:

  • Compliant time and attendance tracking
  • Shift or demand-driven optimised scheduling
  • Mobile-first workforce management
  • Improved employee communication
  • Real-time labour analytics
  • Industry-specific with last-mile functionality

Why CloudSuite™ WFM?

Infor WFM is a comprehensive solution that addresses concerns across labor performance and compliance with its assortment of management tools. With complete solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of your business, WFM mitigates the risk of potential compliance issues and reduces costs with purpose-built solutions for your workforce needs and labor-related challenges.

  • Increase productivity and quality
  • Boost profit margins
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Reduce financial risk by ensuring compliance

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