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Financials & Supply Management

Infor Cloudsuite Supply Chain Management products offer advanced visibility, automation and insights for agile business operations. Visibility is the foundation of an effective supply chain and Infor Cloudsuite supply chain enhances visibility along with transparency and actionable insights.

Using Infor’s Cloud-based applications, Cloudsuite Financials and Supply Chain connects all supply-chain partners, events, and devices, allowing you to seize opportunities, respond to disruptions and fulfill demand from anywhere in the Supply Chain.


Infor supply chain solutions offer unmatched visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning, to execution, to connecting with your entire network of trading partners. Designed in compliance with the best practices and highest industry standards, this comprehensive platform provides innovative solutions to help run your end-to-end operations, regardless of where you would like to start.



Intelligent supply chain applications automate various key processes from planning and execution to final settlement. They use optimization engines, advanced algorithms and machine learning, to collect and share supply chain insights with stakeholders for better decision making.




Full visibility of indirect spend Strengthened supplier relationships Increased policy compliance




The ability to closely track supplies and streamline order processes doesn’t just reduce costs. It also eliminates error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks, and allows your staff to focus on more productive activities, like managing supplier relationships.

A Strategic Way To Streamline Operations

Connect your entire supply chain network with Infor Supply Chain Management cloud software

CloudSuite™ Financials

Built for today’s financial professionals.

Infor Cloudsuite™ Financials offers next-gen solutions that push the limits of financial management technology capabilities. It delivers end-to-end capabilities that are data-drive, role-based, mobile-enabled, customer-inspired and built for the cloud – designed for the needs of the ones who matter most – your users. Some key features include:

Designed for today's users

  • Personalized home pages
  • Processes & information by role
  • Beautiful & intuitive interface

Fully integrated supply management

  • Full visibility of indirect spend
  • Strengthened supplier relationships
  • Increased policy compliance

Reinvented global general ledger

  • Unlimited financial calendars
  • Unlimited ledgers and basis reporting
  • Unlimited dimension strings

Robust analytics for financials & supply

  • Uncover cost-savings opportunities
  • Powered by data-science
  • User work-stream-embedded analytics

Why CloudSuite™ Financials & Supply?

They are the financial and supply chain management solutions you would design for yourself.

Infor Cloudsuite™ Financials and Supply Management gives you deep analytics, advanced collaboration, and powerful development tools—all with a mobile-first design, open source compatibility, and robust integration capabilities that make unified management a reality.

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