Lawson's Human Resource  Management
Supporting Healthcare Operations and Organizational Excellence

There was a time when businesses and organizations hired people to fill vacant positions. Aside from trying to match skill sets with skill needs, employers gave scant thought to how each employee contributed to the organization’s high-level strategic objectives.

Today’s “do more with less” paradox mandates that you extract the highest possible value from your workforce. That’s why, more than ever, LawsonTM Human Resource Management solutions make so much sense. With Lawson, your organization is positioned to optimize your human capital in many different ways, from consistently hiring the most qualified candidates to retaining the best and brightest employees.

Lawson Human Resource Management Suite:

  • Absence Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Personnel Administration

The following illustration shows the family of human capital management solutions with the Human Resource Management suite displayed at the front segment:

Absence Management
For many organizations, employee time-off policies have grown increasingly complex — a clear benefit for employees, but a substantial challenge to the HR departments that must create and manage a proliferation of plan types. Lawson Absence Management software can help simplify many of these activities. Starting with plan setup and continuing through tracking, administration and analysis, as well as information sharing with your payroll and financial systems, the software helps you

Employee and Manager Self-Service
With Employee and Manager Self-Service, your workforce can review, modify and act upon their personal HR data all from a single online access point. Such employee empowerment helps streamline many everyday HR activities and reduce the administrative demands on your HR department, equipping staff to better serve employees with less drain on resources and with a greater focus on strategic activities that bring value to the organization.

Human Resources
Lawson Human Resources provides users with the flexible organizational structure and the dynamic employee groupings you need to power the critical HR business processes of your organization, including automated benefit plans or absence plan enrollments. Lawson Human Resources helps provide users with the automation and insight to help retain and support your organization's most important asset – its people.

No HR system is more scrutinized by employees than payroll, and Lawson Payroll helps give you the system and the confidence you need to ensure a smooth payroll process. Lawson Payroll offers a single system to handle all your payroll needs, from routine operations to exceptions and pension accounting.

Performance Management for Healthcare
Lawson Performance Management for Healthcare automates the performance management process for your healthcare organization. Such automation can help your healthcare professionals concentrate on patient care and safety.

Resource Navigator
Lawson Resource Navigator is the communications and service component of Lawson Employee Self-Service, providing on-demand, personalized HR communications that support the entire employee life cycle. With modules for employees, line managers and HR professionals, Resource Navigator helps give every member of your workforce their very own HR assistant – available 24/7 from work or home.

Time Management
Lawson Time Management provides a single, easy-to-use, highly flexible point of entry for you to record, approve, adjust and summarize employee time on the job. Managers in organizations today face increasing pressure to improve the accountability, productivity and performance of direct reports. With Lawson Time Management, time recorders, managers and their organizations have a valuable ally. This application provides a single, easy-to-use, highly flexible point of entry for recording, approving, adjusting and summarizing employee time on the job. It helps simplify a full range of timecard processes, from user entry through timecard review and approval ratings.


Lawson Human Resource Management solutions can help you manage your workforce like the strategically important asset that it is, positioning each employee to be a vital contributor to achieving your organization’s key objectives.

  • Saving time and effort by allowing you to setup and maintain a single time off plan for all types of employees with employee group-specific rules governing accruals
  • Providing a rules engine which easily accommodates variations in dates, enrollments, accrual calculations, service and eligibility determinations and other criteria, consistent with your corporate policies
  • Monitoring employee groups for any changes that affect enrollment eligibility or time off plan balances, with update programs
  • Streamlining FMLA leave and helping you to stay on top of your legal obligations and correspondence tracking
  • Supporting absence compliance initiatives through online trend reports and numerous standard reports
  • Reducing the demands on your HR staff by providing optional Employee and Manager Self-Service access to information for leave plans, including employee balances, accruals and time used.

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