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Businesses are radically changing in the past several months due to COVID-19. The majority of stories people are seeing concern businesses that are closing, losing revenue, and laying off workers. However, at E3 we have increased our work efficiency since the start of the pandemic, and are actually growing with our newcomers who will be adding more value and expertise to our team. We are fully dedicated to our customers, employees, and our community. Keeping in mind we are implementing all the safety regulations and standards making sure our employees are safe. Through the power of cloud technology, businesses have ensured their continuity, which means they are accessing their business systems from anywhere (at any time), working remotely without being isolated, safeguarding the security of their cloud data, and even thriving in an unsettled time.

Challenging cloud migration myths amidst Covid-19


Myth 1: Companies should hold tight and do nothing in the wake of Covid-19 as moving IT operations to the cloud is too risky.

This is absolutely not true. While it might seem scary to overhaul IT operations at such an uncertain time and invest in cloud computing technology, there is no doubt that it will be worth it in the long run. Business leaders and IT directors are understandably apprehensive about buying into a cloud migration platform when their budgets are already strapped and the future of their business is uncertain, however, our own research has proven migrating to the cloud can have significant financial benefits.