Managed Servises

Why E3 Managed Services

Relying on managed services allows you to turn over responsibility for system reliability to the experts at E3 Services, who will run your IT infrastructure and develop your technical environment following strict key performance indicators. These individuals have an average of 11+ years of experience and are available to support around the clock.

Many businesses need extra IT resources at certain times of the year to effectively manage business realities like seasonality, employee leave, new initiatives, and more.  Through managed services, you can address these short-term requirements without adding permanent headcount.

Instead of employing full-time specialists in areas such as database and server support, your IT team can access specific skills only when needed/required. Experience shows that you can cut your operational costs by up to 50% by switching to managed services.


E3’s Application Management Services cover all operational services, including service desk, system administration, capacity planning, facility management, service pack/hot fix, maintenance, backup, recovery, and archiving, as well as a full range of services for optimum application performance.  We also offer a range of services varying from customization care to functional application management support.

E3’s process monitoring services are designed to help you optimize key processes and proactively identify inefficiencies and problems. You’ll get the insights you need to enhance the quality and speed of key processes, along with the peace of mind that comes with having dedicated experts monitoring processes that are fundamental to your success.

E3’s managed services team can help you transition smoothly from implementation to daily operations. By partnering with our dedicated experts, you can reduce the time and costs associated with optimizing your system in the initial phase of your deployment and focus instead on driving adoption and deriving the greatest possible benefit from your solution.

E3 Lawson Managed Services Service Desk

  • ITIL, Compliant Service Desk systems,
  • “One Call, One Source” support – E3 customers in the region
  • E3 service desk provides operations support for hospital daily support needs
  • Business User Support, our functional team can provide functional support
  • Dedicated Customer Account Manager
  • Critical Process Periods to accommodate Customer support requirements

Our support professionals are responding and resolving Customer Operations and Functional issues, applying preventative patches and remedial maintenance.

For Operations Issues any authenticated named user can enter an incident in our incident   management portal for support.

In short, Customers utilize our ticketing system for any issue relating to their use of the applications. The mission of our Customer Support function is to help each Customer use the software and the service most efficiently. E3 Customers do not waste time researching how to use the applications, they engage our Customer Support team through our incident management system and receive ready access to certified applications and technology subject matter experts. This access is unlimited in the nature and included in our service fees.

Managed Engine Service Desk help desk tool integrates all monitoring, event management, change management, and configuration management tasks and information into one environment that is used collaboratively by all parties involved in the application. This portal is an integration of over 100 data elements specific “to your needs. The data is organized in easy to view formats and allows the tracking of information such as service ticket status, company contacts, monitoring configurations, and reporting. Through our service desk tool, your entire support organization has the on-line ability to enter new service requests, change contact information and request changes to monitoring services.

System Monitoring

System and Network Monitoring of key components is an important part of maintaining the health of ERP systems.  The objective of monitoring is to report on system availability and detect issues before they happen and alert people to potential problems so that proactive resolution can be performed before a system outage is incurred.  We have worked with several industry standard monitoring system software solutions including CA Unicenter, Tivoli, Nagios and Big Brother and have developed a straight forward and optimal monitoring methodology.  We also have experience with the Infor System Console Product which when combined with Nagios and an Incident management system integrated with email and chat utility provide a cohesive monitoring and reaction system that realizes this objective.


Jmeter will be used to create test loads on the system and will be used for QA tasks and Capacity Planning. E3 will monitor actual transaction loads of system by system code online forms and batch programs by monitoring appropriate log files. This data will be used to create the relevant jmeter scripts.

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