Cloverleaf Integration and Clinical Exchange Suite helps streamline the exchange and aggregation of clinical data within an organization, its partners and across a community of care to improve patient outcomes.

Cloverleaf provides the foundation for healthcare providers, HIEs, ACOs, ISVs, application vendors, medical technology and other organizations such as OEMs, and IDNs to help control, manage and process data to solve complex interoperability challenges while utilizing the latest standardsincluding  the HL7 ® FHIR® standard.

Unique capabilities

Scalability and flexibility

Cloverleaf scales to serve your organization, regardless of size. For example, one single Cloverleaf deployment manages 20,000+ connections and processes 22 million+ transactions daily.

Another IDN deployment entails 30,000 integration interfaces and delivers 50 million messages per day. Cloverleaf also supports multiple options for centralized and distributed interoperability architectures.

Reliability and durability

Supports virtualization for private and public cloud implementations and leverages leading fail-over and availability mechanisms. Cloverleaf is the first to: implement FHIR ® in US production offering, offer a GUI for a healthcare interface engine, support XML and web services for healthcare interoperability, and offer a mobile application for monitoring and controlling a healthcare integration engine.

Robust development and rapid deployment

Delivers portfolio of powerful UX tools for configuration, testing and run-time to address any of your interoperability challenges. Offers a Buildable Object Exchange (BOX), a migration tool that packages and deploys interfaces across Cloverleaf sites. Offers backwards compatibility to earlier versions, as well as intuitive drag & drop enabled configurations.

E3 Healthcare Focus

Executive Summary

Why choose Cloverleaf as the integration platform

  • Highly Scalable
  • Small hospital environments installed on a single 4 CPU core server
  • Can scale from very large hospital installations – HCA 250 group hospitals sharing 50 million messages a day with multiple server
  • Scalability can be vertical or horizontal
  • Modular End to end integration platform
  • Includes comprehensive EMR data exchange, HL7 messaging, FHIR, IHE & HIE support, testing, security, monitoring and administration tools
  • Healthcare focused product that is easy to use
  • Infor’s Healthcare Integration over 25 years – right people, right product ( support &world class based training)

what is Cloverleaf

Healthcare Interface Engine for facilitating communication betweemultiple systems using industry standards


Cloverleaf Key differentiators

Open connectivity support:

Cloverleaf includes various communication protocols that allow for many various communication approaches. These include: TCP/IP, SNA, SOAP, JMS, HTTP/s, MQSeries, file etc

Open message format support:

Cloverleaf supports for numerous message formats, out-of-the-box which include XML, X12, EDIFACT, FRL, VRL, FHIR, HL7 v2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.0 – including flexibility to create variants (fields & segments)

Highly scalable:

Cloverleaf is highly scalable supporting various environments with messages throughput upwards of 1 million messages a day.

Easy to use:

Cloverleaf is very easy to use and includes a message debugger, automated reporting, monitoring, alerting, VPN replacement capabilities as well as running in the Cloud, On Premise, Hybrid

Healthcare focused product including medical device integration capabilities:

Cloverleaf was built from the ground up for the healthcare industry.


Cloverleaf Secure Courier:

  • Transmit data securely to and from a remote point of care
  • Create a standard data exchange connectivity model
  • Connect with physician offices for outpatient record delivery
  • Extend connectivity to local devices that would not be reachable via VPN
  • Log message activity, flow, and statistics


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