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Consumer demands constantly evolve and distributors must evolve too in order to meet this demand. at E3, we empower companies with enterprise solutions that help them keep pace with a rapidly changing industry. our superior industry specific solutions, which are both beautiful and functional, equip your team with the right information at the right time allowing them to make the best decisions in every situation.

With E3’s Enterprise Technology, you will enjoy extensive flexibility to manage a variety of inventory arrangements, support complex pricing arrangements, and better meet customer needs.



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The comprehensiveness of infor distribution technology empowers companies to keep up with the rapid pace of change in their industries and thrive both locally and globally. it is purpose-built with a micro vertical focus, which means you ensure that this technology was built with your business in mind.

Infor’s Distribution focused tools help you to:

  • Upgrade, streamline, and automate your operations.
  • Act more proactively with the increased visibility that Infor Distribution provides.
  • Keep ahead of your competition by responding more quickly to changing market conditions.
  • Improve the value of your offering to customers.
  • Make tasks easier for your employees by giving them beautiful and functional technology equipped with social and mobile tools that allow them to work as they live.
  • Grow your business, increase profitability and optimize the way you manage your inventory, warehouse, deliveries, sales channels, and customer marketing and management with Infor’s industry-specific capabilities.
    • A new user experience, enterprise collaboration framework, and pervasive analytics embedded through process flows.
    • Infor’s technology is trusted by 6,000 distributors globally—including 31 of the top 50 industrial distributors.
    • Industrial and professional trade distributors, which include building materials, electrical, industrial, plumbing and HVAC, and more, can enjoy the deep specialization Infor’s technology in the following capabilities:
  • 6000 distributors worldwide have chosen Infor for their enterprise solution needs. Check out these customer testimonials and case studies to understand the technology’s immense business impact:GWA Group Speeds Up User Adoption of Infor M3 with Learning Tools

    PHS Group consolidates operations, boosts customer satisfaction with Infor M3

    PLG Group streamlines its business processes with Infor M3


We believe technology should enable businesses and not inhibit them. by adopting and adapting the industry’s leading practices of service management, ITSM and ITIL, E3 support provides enterprise class service for its customers critical business applications and related software solutions.

With our people, tools and processes we offer a comprehensive set of support solutions that are designed to address key issues users may face with critical business applications or enterprise resource planning technology.

Our department was built on the belief that the experience we provide our clients relies heavily on the performance of our service desk, commitment to service level agreements, and maintained communication. our local in-house support team ensures that all our clients are assisted in an efficient manner and in their language. contact us today to inquire about our available support packages.

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